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Communications & Phishing Notice

Have you received a suspicious email claiming to be from our company?

Since October 17th we have received phone calls from companies who are not customers from random industries around Australia reporting a suspicious email being received with suspicious links.

This email has not been sent from our email service and the email does not use the domain. The links in the email are not to our website. If you receive this email report to and then delete.

If you are not a customer there is no need to call and alert us. 

A few helpful notes:

  • Our systems and email server have not been compromised and none of our own customers reported receiving the email.

  • We have no control over whether a company a phishing email is sent using our company identity. We thought this kind of attack was limited to banks, ATO and Australia Post.  Any information used in the email appears to be public domain.

  • Google and Microsoft both have excellent pages on how to report and respond to a phishing attack. 

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