Purple Wheat Sourdough




4 sourdough batards


90 mins plus 12 hours


Mix the Sourdough with the water and then combine ingredients in the bowl for your mixer.

Add 80% of the water and mix for 5 minutes on the 1st speed.

Gradually add the remaining water over 6 minutes with the mixer on 2nd speed.

Bulk fermentation of whole dough 30 minutes at ambient temperature.

Then divide into 450g loaves, make round, and rest a further 15 min covered on bench.

Shape into long batards around 30cm in length. Roll half on a damp cloth and then into the linseed. Place onto a well floured couche dusted with semolina.

Cover with plastic and place into cold proof chamber at 6°C and 0% humidity for 12 hours.

Take out and place onto setter or on baking paper on trays. Slide into the base of a stone oven. Use a stencil and decorate the other side of the bread that doesn't have the seeds. Use a blade and cut through the middle to create the open crust.

Bake for 20 minutes at 230°C with a steam quantity of 5 seconds.

Lower to 210°C and bake for 10 minutes more.

Recipe from Puratos.