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Sale Terms

1. Quotations

All quotations will lapse within three days unless specified otherwise in writing

2. Purchaser’s responsibilities

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to request a specification, sample, or further information as required to verify that the goods are fit for their intended purpose prior to purchase. Any discrepancies in the sales contract issued after an order is placed should be advised promptly.

3. Dispute and claims

All claims must be lodged within a reasonable period, not exceeding 14 days from the receipt of goods. Goods that have been opened or goods that have been processed are deemed to have been accepted and in conformance with the specification. On receipt of any goods the buyer must inspect and confirm that the goods conform to specification and meet their intended purpose.

We offer freedom from stored grain pests up to 30 days after receival provided that the product is evidenced to be kept in suitable storage conditions and no-cross contamination has occurred.

4. Force Majeure

TFB shall not be liable in any respect for any failure or delay in fulfilment and/or performance of this contract and any part thereof, if hindered or prevented directly or indirectly by an Act of God, riots, rebellions, wars, strikes or lockouts, or any cause beyond the seller’s control through delays or failure to meet contracts by our suppliers. The usual force majeure conditions will apply, and the validity of this contract will be unaffected.

5. Pallet transfer

It is a requirement that Chep or Loscam pallets will be exchanged or transferred unless hand unload is carried out. The carrier reserves the right not to deliver if these arrangements are not met.

6. Financial obligations

Deliveries promised may be withheld if accounts are outside of agreed credit limits or invoices are overdue.  TFB Trading Australia retains title over goods or product manufactured from such goods until all accounts are settled in full. If we are required to engage debt collection services or take legal action for recovery of monies these costs will be accrued in addition to the original value of the invoice.

GST and levies are to be paid where applicable.

7. Additional clauses for specific contract scenarios

Sales of FCL priced inclusive of delivery to warehouse.

Any newly introduced Government charges incurred at the time of import not covered in the price at the time of sale may at our discretion be passed onto the buyer. This applies to the Import Food Testing program and demurrage which may be incurred due to container X-ray delays selected at random at the time of import.


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