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Get Live Product Availability & Pricing In Our New App

InReach is our bespoke mobile app available exclusively for TFB Trading customers. Download for your device now.

Get Started In 3 Steps

  • Can I get certificates of analysis for the products I purchase?
    We receive, retain and can distribute certificates of analysis for almost all of the products we purchase. However, to ensure that you receive them we require customers to advise us of their preferences ahead of the order.
  • Can we order multiple products on a pallet?
    Whilst we have a minimum order requirement of 1 pallet, for some types of product we will combine more than one product on a pallet. For example, most cereal products can have up to 4 products per pallet. However, in general our supply chain is optimised to cost effectively supply full pallets of products to customers. We recommend for smaller quantities that you reach out so we can direct you to one of our preferred wholesalers around Australia.
  • Terms and Conditions
    We have full terms and conditions for all our orders covering product issues, ownership of goods and returns. Once we have signed you up as a customer we will share these and also distribute them with our sales contracts / confirmations.
  • Where can I get pricing for TFB products?
    TFB offers transparent pricing with regular updates to keep you informed on trends. We can provide quotes on semi-loads, containers and long-term agreements. Please request a quote for specific pricing. You can also request quotes for R&D and shelf trials. ​

Secure & Convenient

We approve existing customers where we confirm their mobile number. All you need to login is your mobile number - no need to re-enter your details or sign-up. As secure as your bank 2-factor but more convenient.

Less Email & More Accessible

We know how much email our customers get everyday so we made this app to reduce the amount of email we send. Now you can access all the information you need from TFB Trading, anywhere & anytime, without searching through your inbox.

Not Just A Pricelist

Get quick access to always up-to-date specifications and easily share with quality colleagues or customers without download/rename. Also see what you have on order and refine list down to see just the items that you regularly order.

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What You Need To Know

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