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Red Kidney Beans IQF

Individually quick frozen Red Kidney Beans are a convenient alternative to dried red kidney beans. These beans are precooked to perfection and then snap frozen, and are ready to use straight from your freezer. No need to soak or prepare the beans, just add to your recipes. This makes them popular with food manufacturers and food services.

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Alternate Names

Haricots Rouges

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Frozen red kidney beans are commonly used by food manufacturers and food services, and often appear in Mexican cuisine alongside black beans. They are perfect in fresh foods like salads and burritos, or added to batches of chili or soups. Due to the IQF technology there is no need to prepare the beans, just add them to recipes directly. They are usually used whole and derivate products like flour are made from dried red kidney beans.


A standard specification is available from Australian suppliers in their own branding. For international products we provide a specification under our own brand.

Red Kidney Beans Organic IQF








10kg clear recyclable plastic

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