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Pea Fibre

Pea Fibre

Pea Fibre is a fine powder made from milling the seed coats of yellow peas, which naturally contain very high concentrations of soluble and insoluble fibre.

Alternate Names

A standard specification for all products sold to ensure a minimum level of quality and ensure that our customers enjoy a consistent way of consuming information across all our suppliers. 


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We sell Pea Fibre by the pallet. A pallet of Pea Fibre is usually stacked with 25kg Pea Fibre bags. One pallet can typically hold one metric ton of Pea Fibre but may vary by specification. For accurate sizing please request a quote.


We can provide a quote with Pea Fibre price per kg or Pea Fibre price per tonne. Please request a quote for accurate pricing.


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